Returning to the National Prospect Elite 80 this year is Rhode Island attackman, Mitchell Tetreault. In 2018, Tetrault earned a spot on the All-Star team, where he found that the elite level of competition forced his new teammates to develop chemistry. “We played well as a team and created a great atmosphere to play against the high level of competition.” Despite meeting his teammates just hours prior to competing, Tetreault said he could tell that the squad had each other’s backs both on and off the field.

At 6’3” and 170 pounds, the attackman doesn’t have a hard time bodying his way into the crease. Tetreault can put the ball in the net from anywhere on the field. The righty is quick to snag a rebound and fire off a shot, and his grip and rip mentality catches goalies off guard. Passing is another one of Tetreault’s strengths. His height gives him the ability to see the field from a different angle and lay a pass right into the pocket of his teammates.

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