Goaltender Tyler Carney is dripping with confidence, not only in himself but also in his teammates. Carney told NPE80 reporters, “I love the rush of being the last line of defense. Nothing is more exciting and more satisfying than making a huge save, transitioning the ball down field and watching my team score a goal.” Translation for the folks at home, “First I stop the attack. Then I toss the ball down field and my teammates score.”

The Ohio junior knows just how big the stage is at the NPE80, and how critical it is to put on a show at an event like this. Carney says that he loves traveling for lacrosse, and he added that traveling for a showcase like the NPE80 sweetens the deal even more. “I’ll get the chance to play with and against some of the best talents in my class in front of some of the best college coaches in America.”

Carney’s ready to show off in Delaware this summer, you can count on it. Think you’ve got the grit to put a ball past him? Click here to nominate!

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