“Size doesn’t matter.” That’s all Max Esposito had to say in response to being asked why he loves lacrosse. The sophomore out of Northwest High School in Maryland stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall and weighs in at 135 pounds. His size has never stopped him from getting deep in the zone, crashing the net and firing shots straight past opposing goaltenders. Esposito’s playing style is a rare mix of elegance and pure grit. Defenses can try to lock him down as best they can, but take your eye off of him for a second and he’s gone. He doesn’t shy away from contact and isn’t afraid to body his way to the net if needed, however it’s much more likely that he’ll just dance his way around any defenseman in his way.

When asked what he looked forward to most about the upcoming NPE80 event, Esposito said,  “The competition is always fun and it’s great to use my various abilities to help my team win.” Esposito plays the game with an unprecedented field awareness, speed, dangles, and a killer instinct, making him a weapon on the attack. Defensemen beware, he is certainly an athlete to keep an eye out for this July.  

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