Emmerick Dopona out of Flower Mound, Texas is every attackman’s worst nightmare. At 6 feet tall and 205 pounds, this burly defenseman is a force to be reckoned with on the lacrosse field. The freshman from Marcus High School is never afraid to use his body to force turnovers, as he has been known to swarm oncoming attackmen and bully the ball out of their hands to create opportunities for his offense. In addition to lacrosse, Dopona also plays middle linebacker for Marcus High School. When asked about how football impacts his lacrosse game, Dopona said his aggressive style of play, speed and the need for constant communication are prominent aspects of his playing style in both lacrosse and football.

In addition to his defensive strengths, he has a strong ability to see the field and make crisp passes to his teammates down range. Dopona also has quick feet for a kid of his size, allowing him to cover the pitch and track down ground balls, regaining possession with ease. Combine his defensive strengths with his abilities at midfield, and you’ve got one of the best defensive talents coming out of Texas right now.

When asked why he loves lacrosse, Dopona said, “Lacrosse is a sport like no other, especially in Texas, where lacrosse is really catching on fire. I really enjoy the camaraderie and competition.” The brotherhood Dopona shares with his teammates is something that he cherishes and is looking to expand upon at the National Prospect Elite 80. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to compete against the best in the nation, being able to showcase my skills, learn from the best and meet new players and coaches.”

If you’re making your way down to Delaware for the NPE 80 this summer, Emmerick Dopona is definitely a player to keep an eye out for.  

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